Lobby New Zealand is formally inclined to announce its calls for the Right Honourable Trevor Mallard to resign his post as Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives.

It is clear that the behaviour displayed by Mr Mallard on this matter is in utter disregard for the sanctimony of the role he holds. The damages and disrespect to the individual that was accused by him, to the taxpayer and Parliament, in Lobby New Zealand’s view, show that he could not in good conscience continue this role. These include:

  • using parliamentary privileges to accuse an innocent individual without basis,
  • his failure to withdraw his statements and apologise on time despite knowing he was wrong within 24 hours of making such an accusation,
  • his attempt to go to court to reject the defamatory accusation by the individual whilst consciously knowing that he is wrong in the case, and
  • his refusal to pay back the $333,000 compensatory and legal fees, which have now been imposed on the taxpayer.

Lobby New Zealand has made the difficult choice to rescind our confidence in Mr Mallard, extending the position that is now already held by many other MPs and widely by the New Zealand public.

Lobby New Zealand urges Mr Mallard to accept he is wrong and do the honourable thing, which is to offer his immediate resignation.