The Labour Government is playing no games when it comes to driving the New Zealand economy into a pit of neverending debt.

Yesterday’s request to Parliament for an extra 41 billion dollars for COVID-19 relief, by the Government, is a kick in the guts to all hardworking New Zealanders; those who have saved and are heading into retirement, and those who have a whole working life ahead of them. This reckless request from Ardern’s administration offers nothing but hefty inflation and ongoing budget deficits.

Lobby New Zealand condemns this incautious request from Ardern’s administration and questions why the Labour Government has failed to budget it’s pre-allocated Covid Response and Recovery Fund appropriately.

New Zealanders are the ones who will face the brunt of this misstep from the Labour Government; it is them who deserve answers regarding the previous Covid Response and Recovery Fund, particularly as to where all the money has gone, and why 41 billion dollars is now needed.

Make no mistake – New Zealand and its people cannot thrive with a Government which continues to negligently borrow money.


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