WELLINGTON CITY – Lobby New Zealand can today confirm that it has received a response from the Auckland District Health Board (DHB) for an Official Information Act request filed on 2 March 2021. The Official Information Act request was addressed to the Ministry of Health and asked for the following details:
“communications between the Ministry of Health and COVID-19 cases L, M, N, and O in the February 14 2021 cluster (Valentine’s Day cluster).
Specifically, what messages/communications, and how many, were sent to these cases listed regarding self isolation before and after testing.”
In response to the request, Auckland DHB has responded with the following key points.Please note that some additional details have been added for context.
1. On February 17 2021, COVID-19 case L (KFC worker) was told to self-isolate until Monday 22 February 2021, as per details expressed on documents sent to all casual-plus Papatoetoe High School families.

2. COVID-19 case L (KFC worker) attended work on Monday 22 February 2021, the day self-isolation was no longer required.
3. On February 23 2021, Case L received their first personal communication with Auckland DHB via a phone call at 1100 hours. Between this time and 1105 hours the DHB told case L to self-isolate, and confirmed self-isolation.
This timeline provided by the Auckland DHB shows that case L was correct, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern not, in regards to self-isolation requirements. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern owes an apology to the South Auckland family involved. In no circumstance should a COVID-19 patient feel the brunt of misinformed public scrutiny by the Prime Minister or any public official. This undermines the success of New Zealand’s ongoing goal of no community transmission.

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